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Pre-wash shampoo for use with a snow foam lance Dilution from 1:10 to 1:20 depending on the condition of the vehicle Suitable for cars protected by a wax Sweet smell of apples

13.80 CHF

Natural wax for warm colors (red, yellow, blue) Based on Carnauba and banana oil Small pot ideal for a test

9.80 CHF

Allows to pass the waxes safely, thanks to its shape, it sneaks in all the corners Sensation of passing the wax with the hands but without the inconveniences of the risk of scratching

4.80 CHF

Hybrid wax (natural and synthetic) specially developed for black colors Blue Velvet Top Wax with Purple Haze Maximum effect for blacks: depth, shine and very long hold: 4 to 6 months Very easy to use Special series of 666 pals with a spider hidden in the pot ...

44.80 CHF

Natural wax for dark colors Based on Carnauba and jojoba oil Small pot ideal for a test

9.80 CHF

Lubricant specially designed for Clay Aids in decontamination, avoids traces on the paint, damage caused by poor lubrication Ready to use

8.80 CHF

Shampoo Award-winning * Detailing World Best Wash Product 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 *Wax safe, therefore does not alter your protection Very high cleaning power PH neutral Has a very good odor of fishing Very economical with 1: 800 dilution

22.80 CHF

Medium and fine grade Clay PAD to safely decontaminate your bodywork Can easily make a dozen car, simply rinse with water For best use, we advise you to soak in hot water 1 hour before use Do not use without suitable lubricant, "Born slippy or citrus bling"

15.80 CHF

Natural wax for light colors (white, gray) Based on Carnauba and coconut oil, almond oil and beeswax Small pot ideal for a test

9.80 CHF
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Ultra soft brush with natural bristles 40mm, ideal for the exteriors of the car

5.40 CHF
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The latest is from the Dodo Juice range Made from nano-technoliges, it allows to protect any surface Offers protection up to 4 months! Can be used on wet or dry surfaces Spray a small amount of product and wipe with a microfiber

8.80 CHF

To prepare the paint to receive a wax treatment It contains abrasives, to remove traces of water, a slight oxidation Can also be applied by hand

18.80 CHF
Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items