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Natural wax for dark colors Carnauba based with a very pleasant lavender odor Small pot ideal for a test

4.90 CHF 9.90 CHF

Renowned product for cleaning rims Does not contain Has a pleasant odor Can be diluted according to the dirtiness of the rims 1: 3 to 1:10

5.90 CHF 7.90 CHF

PAD for the 3M brand finish PAD 80mm for hard to reach areas Combines very well with the MENZERNA 3500 & 3800

6.90 CHF 13.90 CHF

Shampooing doux mais puissant Sublime la protection (cire ou sealant) en y ajoutant du gloss Composé actif qui aide l'eau à s'écouler pour plus de facilité à sécher la voiture S'utilise dilué 2 bouchons (30ml) dans un saut

7.90 CHF 8.90 CHF

Degreases all surfaces Ideal for the entire engine compartment Does not damage painted surfaces, rubber or unvarnished parts

9.90 CHF 13.90 CHF

This is one of those products that does what it says on the tin, or in our case – the bottle! This wax safe, all purpose cleaner is spray on and ready to use. It will tackle and remove bugs and grime on your paintwork, glass and plastics. This citrus spray is gentle yet powerful and is also great for engine bays and door shuts.

10.90 CHF 14.90 CHF

AMDetails Tar Remover is a quick, safe and easy to use solution for removing road tar, glue and tree sap.  It can be used on all vehicle surfaces such as paint, glass, trim and wheels. Its fast acting formula will dissolve contaminants, making for effortless removal.

10.90 CHF 14.90 CHF

Sheets impregnated directly with the ready-to-use product For cleaning small areas Avoids removing all cleaning materials

11.90 CHF 14.90 CHF

Ultra-efficient product for taking off, removing stickers and glue traces Produced in addition to the Emblem Remover Kit

11.90 CHF 14.90 CHF

Wipe to clean and protect the leather smoothly Allows to erase the superficial marks of the leather Suitable for seats and dashboards in cooking

11.90 CHF 14.90 CHF

Insert the hose attachment, connect hose and then thoroughly rinse down all surfaces.  Turn the forward knob to introduce the coating into the water feed and coat all surfaces.  Once all surfaces have been fully coated, turn the forward knob back to its original position and then rinse down all surfaces thoroughly. When rinsed, dry with a Gtechniq...

11.90 CHF 16.90 CHF

Highly concentrated shampoo 2 caps for 10 liters of water High performance despite its low dosage Waxsafe for your waxes

12.90 CHF 15.90 CHF
Showing 1 - 12 of 33 items